Welcome to Customcakebites, we create tasty bites of cake known as cakepops or cakeballs.
  Cakepops start at $2.50, see flavors/others tab for more details.
All of our products are made to order, our minimum order is 2 dozen.

Its never too early to place your  order, you can always modify it up to 3 days prior to pick up or delivery.
To place an order, call @ 703-217-0295 or email using the link below
 We will always request an email confirmation when placing an order. 
Great gift idea, a box or basket of cakepops!
We ship within the continental USA,  Mon - Wed.

Delivery available for 36 pieces or more.

Fee starts @$1. per mile. Rush hour 7am - 9am and 3pm - 7pm  incurs additional charges.

Email us your order

For more images of our work click on the social media buttons at the top of the page.

 Thank you!  Mercedes

 **We offer display units to our clients on loan, place your order in advance to reserve a cakepop display for your Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation party and more. 

Our units can accommodate as few as 24 cakepops and as many as 500 cakepops.